Friday, 25 July 2014


Noel --

They did it. Republicans voted in the House Rules Committee to move forward with John Boehner's lawsuit against President Obama.

If you're sick and tired of Republicans in Congress wasting your taxpayer dollars on stunts like suing President Obama, add your name and tell them you're not having any of it.

You have to wonder where this ends, Noel. They've already shut down the government. They're already talking about impeachment. And now they're moving forward with a lawsuit against the President of the United States.

Let's end this farce before it goes any further. Add your name against this bogus lawsuit:



Mo Elleithee
Communications Director
Democratic National Committee


SANE LEADERS CAMPAIGN (SLC) - As I've said elsewhere - sanity is marginally, very, very slowly; painfully slowly, guiding the human race forwards to a wonderful future. The trend will be greatly accelerated and immense amounts of suffering avoided, if the American Psychological Association (APA) establish a scoring system for remotely auto-diagnosing world and national and regional leaders of all our important organizations; those found to be completely insane can then be certified & sent to asylums for their own mental health and comfort. The world will then move forwards led by sane, positive and competent people. 

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