Sunday, 12 October 2014


It is said that "POLITICS IS SHOW BUSINESS FOR UGLY PEOPLE". But change is upon us. Referendum Politics will Scotch them all and polish up our politicians.

UK observers will have noticed that last week the UKIP (UK Independence Party) won its first seat in Parliament, when a Conservative Member of Parliament, Douglas Carswell, defected from the Conservative Party (The Tories) to join UKIP and triggered a by-election in his own seaside district, Clacton - a solid Tory seat, which he won for UKIP by a large margin. 3 or 4 other UKIP notables are, bizarrely, MEPs (Members of the European Parliament), despite their avowed single issue policy of wanting the UK to quit the 550 million strong European Union and ditch the EU parliament of which they are members. UKIP also fought another by-election at Heywood & Middleton, in the north of England, in a Labour Party (allegedly working class socialist) stronghold - and very nearly won that seat too. Why should England tremble?

RETURN OF THE NAZIS? - This rise of UKIP is fueling frenzied speculation that despite having no policies at all, at the next general election UKIP will win 25 seats out of the 600'odd seats - and will hold the balance of power. Thus the face of British politics will be transformed as all parties swerve hard right on squealing tires to adopt and adapt the UKIP message, as babbled over a beer by their cheeky-cheery-chappy anointed leader, Nigel Farage MEP. Because Farage mostly stirs up the rabble against immigration, immigrants and all things that have changed since The 1942 Battle of Britain, some detect the dark seeds and shadow of the rise of the rabble rousing Nazi Party. "Let's find somebody to hate."

In pre-World-War-Two England the Nazis, the insane, psychopathic scum of Europe that floated to the top of the then chaos, were The Blackshirts, who emerged from the same upper-class stable and used similar messages as UKIP. "Close the borders. Banish the sick (Ebola and AIDS). Repatriate East Europeans who take our low paid jobs. Scrap the global Human Rights Act (which was forged by Britain), concentrate undesirable aliens in barbed-wired camps, and shun all things from Brussels." As The Times, when it was a globally respected newspaper, allegedly expressed the nationalistic feelings on 22nd October 1957, in our last days of Empire "HEAVY FOG IN CHANNEL - CONTINENT CUT OFF".

Will UKIP rise like the Nazi phoenix from the ashes of the regularly forecast Euro meltdown and lead Great Britain to a brave new, nearly all white, English speaking, Rule Britannia, world domination? Will UKIP change the entire party political system in Britain - The Tories, The Socialists, The Liberals, The Green Party, UKIP and The Monster Raving Loony Party (yes really). UKIP has the traditional ingredients; the UKIP leaders are millionaire bankers, stock brokers and Ivy League school boys, skilled at ordering Fags and servants; thus they are our natural leaders. "God Bless you kind Sir for your Charity. God Bless you Mr Scrooge for the Christmas goose". They are thick as two short planks and would bravely lead us all into the Charge of the Light Brigade, or the trenches of WW1, without a thought for their own or our lives. So they could be the pivot of change back to the good old days - and hold the balance of power in our 1,000 year old democracy - at Westminster. 

REFERENDUM POLITICS - But it won't be like that. Change is coming. Without a doubt we are living in pivotal times, when even the unwritten British Constitution and the 1776 American Declaration of Independence will no longer protect the embedded establishment from change. The change that is rapidly overtaking the old hierarchical system - of voting for a person or party, who promote a single policy we like, and then we get nine hundred other policies we don't like - is upon us. Due to the irresistible power of The Internet. The UK, US, EU, Russia, China and Old Uncle Tom Cobley and All, will change their system to referendum voting. Voting not for fallible, bribable, blackmailable, vacillating humans, but voting on the specific issues that concern us. 

It will require massive education. And each issue will need MPs or Congressmen and public servants to shepherd that single issue through the process. There will need to be a panel that judges when the electorate are sufficiently well informed to make a choice. But it is coming. Scotland showed the way and showed that all people will turn out to vote (87%) if they know what the issue is. No citizen any longer wants to vote for UKIP and get the Neo-Nazi Party. No citizen wants to vote socialist and get Wall Street and The City in power. No citizen wants to vote for clean-air and get choking pollution. We deserve the freedom to vote on specific issues. The electronic age mechanisms now exist in all countries - in  the UK, millions vote every week by telephone, via  the BBC, in STRICTLY COME DANCING. Next we will have STRICTLY COME VOTING. Watch for  and beware of the E-cheats, E-bullies and E-gangsters.

No wonder that all power agencies, worldwide, are desperate to control the Internet and all our communications. Party politics is dying - Referendum Politics is alive.


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