Friday, 6 March 2015


"A woman is raped in India every twenty minutes"  India's Daughter was broadcast by the BBC this week despite strong attempts by the Indian Government to ban the documentary worldwide.

Here it is on You Tube:  Please distribute this link around the world, until the cowardly bullying of women by men is stopped.


"Rape is the woman's fault - she should not be out of doors"

The misogynist cycle in India and in other primitive stone-age societies which are dominated by bullies, follows the same dreary, dull-witted "religious" illogical but inevitable course.

First, males get erections when with pubescent females. Second, males impregnate females. Third, mysteriously, females become pregnant and have babies. Fourth, the males are baffled and terrified by this miracle of creation. Fifth, they blame the females for the male erections and attraction and dub them "witches". Sixth, the dominant males want all the females - so they ban lower caste plebeians from sex, and they corral private herds of females for themselves - cutting off their clitoris to make them less likely to be promiscuous. Seventh, the banned males are driven by nature but barred by society and become insanely hysterical. Eighth, the baffled, banned, insane, hysterical lower caste males blame the females for their double-bind - and attack them hatefully. Ninth, the sadomasochistic cycle becomes habituated insanity across society. Tenth, the dominant males reinforce their sexual privileges and the ban on plebeian sex, by claiming the system is ordained by God. The religious officials, empowered by and for the dominant males, get their sadistic sexual gratification from imposing medieval tortures on "sinners".

BBC film India's Daughter, about the fatal gang-rape of a ... But home minister Rajnath Singh was resolute on the government's ban, which is supported by nearly all India's ..

Bullied, beaten women who have suffered a lifetime of abuse, of incest, of female genital mutilation, of being imprisoned in their homes, of being caned and whipped, of being barred from education... eventually join the abusers and embrace the "religious" imperatives of immensely cruel sanctions against their own daughters and all females. India has a gender imbalance because they kill baby girls - so boys have even less access to girlfriends and turn to rape and strange relationships with other males.

The remedy is to properly educate the whole of society, from top to bottom, and to distribute the wealth. We have the tools today to make the necessary changes. The internet shines bright light into the dark primitive shadows of our world and shows the real horrific historic pornography practiced by the powerful against the weak in such backward nations. It is time for revolutionary change.

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