Thursday, 9 April 2015


The UK is holding national elections on 7th May - to choose a Party to form a new government. There are less than 30 days to go; Parliament has been dissolved; the 650 Members of Parliament (MPs) are members no more, they have given up their "seats" and must get re-elected to continue receiving their £70,000 per year salaries and their right to sleep soundly on "the back benches" for another 5 years.


The Parties in order of probable size, who are offering the voters of Britain (constituents) their best men and women as Candidates, are The Tories or Conservatives, The Labour Party or Socialists, The Liberal Democrats (Lib-Dems), The Scottish National Party (SNP), Plaid Cymru Prn. Cumri (Welsh Nationalists), the Democratic Unionist Party (Northern Ireland), UK Independence Party (UKIP), who want us to quit Europe, The Green Party - and 4 or 5 other small Parties with  one or two MPs. The Monster Raving Loony Party always field some candidates, but none ever win a seat.

UKIP "Quit Europe" have been making most noise but have only 1 MP. The 3rd largest party, The Lib-Dems, have been in the ruling coalition  with the Tories and reneged on all their pledges - so they are expected to be wiped out. The Scottish National Party wants an independent Scotland; it has won several seats from Labour and is expected to take all Labour's seats (about 40) in Scotland. With the Labour vote thus split - the Tories ("We are in awful debt and must enforce CUTS and AUSTERITY on the unwashed poor") are likely to be the biggest Party - but without a majority (326 seats). So... we end up with a "Hung Parliament" with the Parties scrapping with each other over every issue - for the next 5 years.

The election fever spins on a few axis. First, the Tory's austerity and national debt - which, despite all the puff and wind and pain of the past 5 years, they have managed to double, not reduce as promised. But, they want a mandate TO FINISH THE JOB. Labour is blamed for the massive debt (£1 trillion) they left after 3 terms in office - the fact that it was The Bankers who caused the debt (2008/09 meltdown) is buried in deep Tory PR - so Labour also vow to TACKLE THE DEBT by punishing the poor but they will also SAVE THE NHS (national health service) from the greedy business privatization aims, US style, of the Tories. This leads us into who will pay? And so into TAXATION. This tax debate coincides with several major UK and international scandals about tax-evasion.

So, for the first time in history - UK MPs are coming out and talking openly about the tax and capital siphoned out of the UK since Thatcher (1980). Some are even vaguely aware  of how much UK cash and assets has been hidden in tax havens (about £2 trillion) and a handful of the rudest of them, suffering election fever, are raising the anti-social suggestion that a little of the offshore tax might be repatriated - starting with the reversal of the tax-free 18th century rights of a strange class of UK aristocrats The Non-Doms. But, just as in Greece, nobody in the UK, neither bankers nor top economists can figure out HOW MUCH offshore tax might be collected - to help reduce the UK's immense debts. So the tax-evasion issue is likely to buried again for another 1,000 years of unfathomable "complexity" - not least because our Prime Minister's dad buried his ill or well gotten gains in Panama and other tax-havens. We will just have to punish the poor - again.

Britain holds its breath. I advise you non-Brits to breathe easy and wait and see.

Tired of The Parties? Lets do it differently.


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