Wednesday, 10 June 2015


Update 7 October 2015.

Raif Badawi has been awarded a prize for literature. This will help to keep him in the minds of global civilized society - but he is still cruelly imprisoned and threatened with being tortured to death by 1,000 lashes, administered 50 per week by the world's most primitive, barbaric, savages, the Saud family, who rule Saudi Arabia. I cannot find any reports on Raif's present state of health. I guess the Saud's have paid the western media a lot of money to suppress any news. The UKs Prime Minister, David Cameron, recommended in 2013 that Saudi Arabia should sit on the UN council for human rights. Does evil hypocrisy have any worse examples of political doublespeak? Cameron evaded answering why he won't criticize King Saud, about a youth who the royal family want to publicly crucify: Ali Mohammed al-Nimr, 17, faces the death penalty. 


Appalling - Horrible - FRIDAY 12th JUNE - ANOTHER 50 LASHES:

We. The People, do not need to wait for governments to civilize this savage country and save Raif Badawi from being slowly tortured to death. Air Traffic controllers can divert their planes - Airport managers refuse them landing - Port managers refuse their ships - International bank clerks refuse their money transfers - Oil market traders refuse their trade - God will refuse their souls. People power can stop this sadism today. Don't deal with Saudi Arabia until it reforms. Act now!


The psychopathic, barbaric ruling family of Saudi Arabia and the "religious" leaders have designed a savage and horrible, medieval torture that takes months to kill a prisoner. Sadistic crowds are invited to get their sadomasochistic sexual kicks by watching the long, terrible, agonizing process. 

Week after week, a writer, Raif Badawi, is dragged from his cell to be publicly flogged with fifty-lashes, enough to kill most modern men, and is then thrown back into a cell. If he survives, the process is repeated ...and repeated ...and repeated ...up to 1,000 lashes. If he somehow lives through it all - he will be imprisoned, crippled by his appalling injuries, for another 9 years. His crime? Writing a blog that mildly criticized the Saudi system. 

All civilized societies should continually and persistently express their horror and outrage - and conduct no business of any sort with these cruel, primitive thugs.

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