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19 January 2016 - Mark Carney, Governor of the Bank of England, quite obviously simply does not understand the struggles and privations of the people who own the world. 62 billionaires might today own as much as half the world's population, 3.5 billion peasants, but will their God given position continue? 

It is among these peasants that most borrowers can be found - many of whom are reckless borrowers and must be punished for their sinful, evil ways. The super rich have relied absolutely for hundreds of years on loan-sharking to wring more from the poor. 

Unlike the USA's Janet Yelland, Mark Carney is blocking increases in Base Rate Rises - which in the UK alone would effortlessly gouge another £4 billion a year from poor to rich, for every 0.25% , quarter of a percent, increase. A two or three percent rise, back to "normal rates" will siphon £48 billion from sinful UK borrowers to saintly off-shore, tax-free lenders. In the USA these amounts are treble or quadruple. 
Carney's communist actions must be resisted. Its time David Cameron sacked the pest. Low interest rates since 2010 have lured millions into borrowing to buy their humble homes, awful cars, cheap computers and low grade food - now they are in the trap - it must be sprung. By holy writ "the rich must get richer" and  "the poor will always be with us".

In the best  of times, before all this nonsense about independent central bankers, the Blessed Margaret Thatcher drove UK BASE rates up to 15.5% ! What bliss; what immense, effortless, risk free income for the world's super-cash-rich. Record UK unemployment made sure that the sweaty workers did not dare to demand wage rises. It is high time we found another Thatcher. Perhaps Yelland, whose instincts seem to be with the superior people, can be worked on. Sure - thousands of families will be made homeless and lose their pathetic assets, but that's the sort of large market force that makes speculating such fun - and so lucrative. Get rid of all that socialist crap and squeeze harder.

See you all at Davos.


17 SEPT 2015

Hi Rosie,


You might ask - and I can only guess - if your Moody - Morgan Stanley forecast of collapse assumes an interest base rate hike in December. 

With (relatively poor) UK borrowers, including most young couples and families, today owing £1.4 trillion (to the rich) - every 0.25% increase gouges £3.7 billion from the poor to the rich. Also, City folk love dramatic chaotic movements that they can bet on. Steady markets are of no use to major players.

If rates go back to 5% - In the UK that’s £66.6 billion per annum, every year, of effortless, risk free, highly inflationary (no matching productivity and driving up every cost in the economy) extra funds flowing to The City (and a little of it to us small savers). Ditto in America but x 5 times. It is little wonder that the bankers' PR machines continuously pump out the trite self-serving message "Interest Rates must return to normal" - and "straight into our pockets". 

Increasing interest to crippling levels - such as losing your home - is just the old gangster trap of loan sharking. No nation should do this. LOVEABLE LOANSHARKS

Rates haven't returned to "normal" in Japan - or the US - or the UK. There are sound reasons to assume they never will again - because the wealthy worldwide are flooded with cash which hunts second by second for ultra safe havens with high returns for their (our) cash. There is $32 trillion (80 million good jobs) sitting unused in tax-havens. 

However - the pressure from the super rich is very strong and they might overcome economic common sense and achieve their hungrily desired extra unearned incomes - bankrupting and making homeless thousands of families. If so, if rates rise, some rich people will move money from the stock markets into cash - reducing share prices. But - shares do represent real business assets - and eventually prices adjust to reflect the reality. Look at 50 years of stock indices.

Is this the same Morgan Stanley that had to be bailed out with $107 billion from the US Government; who did not predict the 2008/09 meltdown; and who has 140 complicated companies to hide its (or other people's) money in offshore tax-havens? 


When in doubt Do Nowt


Letter to the Guardian - The media and some Bank of England Committee members are puzzled by the, very welcome, current spate of deflation (MPC members play down rate cut speculation - Guardian 26 March 2015). All economists know that UK inflation faithfully shadows Bank Base Rate, lagging by 1 to 2 years (graph attached); which is the essential cause of inflation. Unearned-Income inflation, or bad inflation, siphons risk and effort free money from the poor to the rich, today at the rate per annum of about £3.7 billion per quarter percent (0.25%) of interest. Good inflation, wages led inflation, rewards work and diminishes debt. The City need only increase Base Rate to be flooded with extra effortless income, gouged from the poor; a year later the usurers cunningly blame wages for higher inflation.

Noel Hodson, Oxford.

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A city broker told me that moody and Morgan stanley say that the market will go up again to 6800 but after December it will go down to 5000 X

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