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7 DEC 2015. - STOP PRESS:
We do NOT need oil, coal & gas. 
The fossil fuel lobby is full of puff and wind.

Uruguay is now generating 95% of its electricity from renewable energy
Quartz - 1 day ago ... difficult as it might seem. The Guardian reports thatrenewable energy now powers 95%...

If Uruguay can make the change - so can the USA, the EU, China and India.

 Recent extreme weather events around the world support the IPCC Climate Change scientists. These novels spell out the impact on heroines and heroes, on ordinary people, on Cities and on the planet. You will enjoy reading them.

OUT OF THE DEPTHS – Noel HodsonMeltdown floods London and New York, today.

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“In October 2015, Pope Francis, President Obama, Lord Stern and 600 hundred very concerned scientists have urged us to prepare now for Climate Change. This novel graphically spells out, step by step, the major impact on all our lives.”

OUT OF THE DEPTHS – Is an “unputtabledownable” fact based drama, set in the Thames London estuary as global warming floods the coastal margins and billions of people worldwide grudgingly migrate to higher ground. What happens to London also occurs in New York and all coastal settlements.

The destruction of transport routes disrupts food supplies and the measures for containment of pandemics. Avian flu’ H5N1 kills 80% of the human race. The heroine, Alice, survives by secretly dwelling on the upper floors in Harrods, surrounded by deep, dangerous and filthy water, to eventually emerge and join other survivors, including the politically ambitious, self-appointed Dean of London University and ruthless agents of once aristocratic land owners.

Alice, supported by a nuclear submarine captain, James Cruikshank, opposes “politics and power as usual”, and is murdered for spreading radical and seditious ideas. An overt battle for who will rule Britain commences.

The book ends with the compass pointing to the brave new world which will result. Throughout, quotes from the scientific literature and tales from Londoners’ lives paint an accurate picture – if a little accelerated – of what global warming will bring us.
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AD 2516 – After Global Warming  - by Noel Hodson (recommended for the Whitbread Prize) – a light and humorous, yet deep and realistically based tale of what will become of us, in 500 years time – after the icecaps melt.  

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