Friday, 3 June 2016


UK Land Registry – Cayman Limited
A subsidiary of Zurich & Delaware Hedge Funds Inc.
(incorporated under Malaysian law)
C/O Price Waterhouse Coopers, London

26 June 2016.
Mr & Mrs Smith,
26 Acacia Avenue,
Wigglesworth, Staffs. UK

Registry Number UK356782HJ DED

Dear Sir and Madam,

We regret to inform you that our review of all UK title deeds proves a prior claim to your property by Osborne, Cameron, Javid, Evictions  Jersey  LLP, and we have accordingly re- registered 26 Acacia Avenue to this company.  The owners plan to redevelop the area and will be issuing you a Notice to Quit within 7 days.

Should you wish to query this change to the Register, you may write to PWC, London, by registered post, by 6pm 27th June 2016, who will re-examine the ownership documents for a fee of £10,000.

Alternatively you are entitled to launch a counterclaim against our agents in the Court of Bermuda, for which you will need to pay front end legal fees of £1 million.

Yours faithfully,


UK Land Registry – Cayman Limited.

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