Tuesday, 5 July 2016


LIAR Farage spreading race-hate - Recruiting uninformed simple voters by
fraudulently lying that Syrian war refugees are part of  Europe's free movement of jobs.
The queue of Syrians were in fact going to a Middle-East refugee camp - nowhere near Europe.
5 July 2016.

In ten days since the 23 June vote, the main LEAVE  engineers and campaigners Cameron, Johnson, Farage  have all resigned and fled, having sabotaged the UK.  Except of course Labour leader, sly Jeremy Corbyn, a LEAVER who pretends to be a REMAINER who is intent on wrecking the Labour Party beyond repair, before he quits the scene. Et Tu Gove is sneaking round the back door - hoping to be Prime Minister; where will he hide, when this little backstabber loses?

Their sponsors, acolytes and co-conspirators are now desperately slamming the stable door to prevent the bolting horse getting back into its stable. They are spending fortunes to force all UK media to promulgate the lie that "It is now inevitable. There is no way back. We all have to live with it. The People have spoken".

But the narrow 4% margin for LEAVE, being mostly people who only "read" Page 3 in the Sun and don't even know where Europe is, never mind understand the thousands of intricate interlocking issues which need to be considered, is basically fraudulent - making the referendum null & void. All major companies, by law for good reasons, to make such fundamental changes must have 75% of shareholders' votes. It is idiotic to presume a 4% margin is sufficient to trigger exiting the EU after 47 years of careful, entwined and embedded agreements.

Fraud is illegal. Lying for gain is illegal. The Fraudsters and Liars must be held to account, otherwise society will splinter and crime will be the norm. These are the lies that simple folk believed:

LIE NUMBER ONE: The EU is to blame for all migrants into the UK, whether they are from Europe, or Syria and The Middle East, from Africa, The Far East, South America, Australia, the USA, Canada or anywhere. LEAVERS stirred up race-hate with this horrid racial lie, typified by their hateful BREAKING POINT poster, which was the main message of their fraudulent campaign.

LIE NUMBER TWO: The EU is to blame for the Tory policy of austerity, crushing the poor. The LEAVERS implied to the simple folk that all their woes - unemployment, reduced wages, lack of houses, slashed benefits, zero-hours contracts, Duncan-Smiths' Kick-A-Cripple campaign, sink-estates, and general misery - is all the fault of the EU. The simple people swallowed the poisonous lie and, thinking they were voting to unseat Cameron and his Bullingdon Club bully boys, they voted LEAVE.

LIE NUMBER THREE: That LEAVE will not ruin the UK economy. That the 20 or so world expert organisations who warned about the bad economic consequences are idiots - and only the infallible Michael Gove knows the reality that BREXIT will make us wealthier. This was a deliberate deception, by leaders who know better. The simple folk believed the lie - and voted accordingly. The facts, ten days later, is that the UK economy has already lost $1 trillion, Sterling is F*****d, house building is frozen, bank shares are decimated, and self-serving political idiots are jockeying to run or ruin the nation's finances. The REMAIN campaign told the economic truth - the LEAVERS repeatedly lied; this was and is fraudulent; making the referendum result, based on lies, null and void.

LIE NUMBER FOUR: The LEAVE camp are urgently broadcasting the lie that the referendum result is final and does not need to be ratified by Parliament. They are denying our democratic parliamentary and Court system. The fact is that the referendum has no legal force until it is voted on by Parliament. The UK made an Act of Parliament to join the EU and it must make an Act of Parliament to quit the UK. This is another fraud being foisted on the simple people by massive PR and advertising funds. The tax-evaders, Non-Doms, offshore companies, offshore media owners, and international super-rich criminals would rather trigger World War Three than risk interference by those bright people in Europe.

"UK.Gov" - whoever they are at present - is saying this is the biggest referendum ever and The Will of The People is Sacrosanct - they are suppressing the biggest ever Petition to recognize the illegality of the vote, with so far 4.2 million signatures - and are suppressing talk of the fraudulent disinformation by the LEAVE team. "They" clearly like fraudulent lies as a basis for UK policy. "They" will have to be removed from office.

London lawyers Mishcon de Reya have been hired by major UK businesses to try to ensure that the desperate LEAVERS cannot circumvent or short-circuit the UK's proper legal processes. Mishcon de Reya have applied for Judicial Review of our laws. The LEAVERS have committed enough fraud to see them all in prison - we must not now allow them to bluster and bully the nation into panicking through the exit. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-36700350
Hitler clawed his way into power by inflaming the mob to hate foreigners and vote for him in referendums; since when Germany banned them. Cameron's referendum was either extremely stupidly arranged, or deliberately fixed - was it Conspiracy or Cock-Up?

THE PEOPLE - GLOBAL-POLITICAL EXPERTS. If this 4% majority is valid on such a complex question as the EU - The People will next be asked to vote on Atomic Fusion Power, Fermat's Last Theorem, Metallurgy for Airplanes, safe parts per million of CO2 in the air and when to instruct the Saturn rocket to fire its engines. Or should we just ask Mr Gove the Infallible?


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