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Sane or Insane? The World Watches & Waits.
Is it a sinister, magical, perverse and eerily significant, numerological twist of fate that President Elect Trump won the US election on what the rest of the world, except Americans, would write as 9-11? The Trumpets have sounded. Ooooer ! The 9th of November 2016 could be the start of the beginning of the End of Days. Where now assemble the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, the Ten Headed Beast and The Scarlet Harlot? - Whence will they issue from the Scalding Pit of Hell?

Trump won the most electoral-college votes, 279 out of 538, while Hillary Clinton won the largest number of votes 59.8 million (final count 65,746,544) of the popular votes. Trump won  59.6 million (final count 62,904,682) - a Hillary victory of 2.8 million. With more College Electors, Trump wins the USA presidency - possibly the most powerful position in the world. Yet, even though Hillary won more individual votes, the world's media is citing Trump's victory as a rallying cry for the poor, down trodden, disaffected, white working class masses. Perhaps they are right.

Since 1980, since Friedman's, Thatcher's & Reagan's bonkers monetarism experiment, all western politicians and VIPs have impoverished the 99.5% and enriched the 0.5% elite - tax-free, offshore; whose immense hoards of gold, $32 trillion, are locked away, doing nothing, not invested - fatally clogging up the global economic arteries. Money must circulate to keep the economy healthy.

PS - Will "they" disconnect the nuclear button while Mr Trump is in office, please. Pretty please.

The West's 2016 unlikely revolutionary leaders, Donald Trump and Nigel Farage should consider their own personal safety and read their history books about the French and Russian revolutions. Both men have descended to the gutter tactics of stirring the mob to revolutionary violence, in order to take personal power. What goes around comes around. (I have never before used that trite phrase - but it fits this particular bill).

"They are stealing our jobs, homes, children and our women" 

Trump incites American mobs to arrest and deport 11 millions of Mexican and other "immigrants"; cynically obscuring the fact that his family and his wife's family are recent immigrants to The Land of the Free. Trump's solution to the fact that blue-collar and lower-class Americans haven't had a pay rise for 30 years, exist in trailer-parks and have no health insurance; and that their roads, bridges, energy and all infrastructure are in ruins - is "Make me President and I Will Build a Wall". He will also halve taxes on the richest 1% and stomp the poorest even harder underfoot. 

Farage, also from an immigrant family, with a German wife, pricked and prodded the halfwit Prime Minister David Cameron into calling a Referendum then stirred up UK Members of Parliament and the mobs to vote to deport millions of "Europeans", by broadcasting pictures of war refugees from the Middle East and North Africa, struggling to get to Turkey - not to the UK. His followers are too stupid to see the difference and so have been fooled to believe that all immigrants are from the European Union. Their dumb answer? BREXIT.

The UK is walking away from its privileged position in the European Open Market, carefully negotiated over 60 years of UK membership, by insulting 550 million of the richest customers on Earth, who are 47% of the UK's export customers. And in doing this, Farage is risking the settled lives of millions of UK citizens who currently work and live in "Europe", in the EU. 

6 NOV 16 -Nigel Farage appeared on BBC One's Andrew Marr Show today and warned there will be disturbances on the streets if Parliament attempts to prevent or "water-down" Brexit. The interim Ukip leader said "political anger the likes of which none of us in our lifetimes have ever witnessed" will emerge if voters feel they are going to be "cheated" over the result of June's referendum to Leave the EU.  Will Nigel Farage MEP be arrested for inciting violence? 

The tax-free revolution. 

A common factor in both men is that they have very large incomes and pay no tax. They do not join in. They evade the sweat and toil of their fellow country-men. Draft-dodger Trump, with $100M a year income, boasts that "I'm Smart" not to contribute to his country. Farage, a velvet collared creature of The City, similarly gouges $150,000 a year tax-free from the EU he so despises. He wants to sell the unparalleled NHS to the insurance industry - doubling health costs for the poor. Is he on 10% of the deal? They also both have fake-tans and bleached teeth. 

These two leading revolutionaries are mobilising the disaffected, The Mob, who have been repeatedly exploited and cheated by the 1% since 1979, and who are debarred from sharing in the wealthiest society the world has ever seen. In this era of the Electronic Revolution "We have worked hard to abolish work - and have succeeded" - but we have forgotten to share the riches. And governments have turned their backs on the justifiably, increasingly angry poor.

French economist Thomas Piketty's masterful academic analyses, CAPITAL, warns the world of the dangers of cramming more and more wealth, gouged from the poor, into the gullets and bellies of fewer and fewer super-rich. The global super-rich today number less than half-a-percent of the population but own most of the world. City and Wall Street lobbyists for increasing interest rates, such as the oddly persistent UK MP John Redwood, are demented demonic creatures, the servile familiars and sycophants of the already bloated super-rich. In the UK every 1% increase in Base Rates feeds The Beast with another risk-free, effortless $60 billion a year - gouged from the already struggling, marginal poor.  Read Piketty.


This is fertile soil for revolution to take root. "Let them eat Crunchy Cremes, drink soda, watch TV and die of Obesity". The human soul needs far more - we also need future-hope and a spiritual dimension, to give our lives meaning and purpose. My book, AD 2516 - After Global Warming, is a novel that paints a Utopian picture of the future; a light in the darkness to guide us to a better world. Though a good-read novel, it is is based on my forecasts of what will actually happen; three of the scientific forecasts have already happened. We won't have to wait 500 years. Innovation is moving very, very fast - bringing hope to the young at heart. Buy the book - its an enjoyable read.

It will get ugly.

But - we do not have a spiritual dimension or uplifting vision, we have Trump and Farage. What history tells us will happen to these loud-mouthed mud-slingers and mud-stirrers is that within the first year of the revolution, The Mob will inevitably be disappointed. Their heroes will be found to have clay feet. Trump and Farage will be unable to deliver. The Mob will turn on them and tear them to pieces. The Mob will then rampage through the land, chaotically and mindlessly destroying everything and everybody - until their chaotic misdirected rage is spent. New leaders will then emerge from the ruins. Historians will write best-sellers about the early revolutionaries and their savage deaths at the hands of The Mob.  

Dopey David Cameron, The Right Honourable David Cameron MP, Prime Minister, the Ivy League gentleman who unleashed The Mob in Britain, might be right to have slunk away so quickly. He might have timed it just right to get out and hide, to go and live with his inherited money and Family Trust in Caribbean tax-havens. Trump's family might escape the rage of the mob by fleeing to Russia, and seeking the protection of Trump's admirer, Vladimir Putin.

We live in interesting times.  

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