Wednesday, 30 November 2016


International journalist George Monbiot writes in The Guardian today, 30 November 2016, about the money, behind the money, behind the fascists - in Europe and the USA. He has been following the maze of opaque, secret threads from Big oil, Dirty coal, Big Pharma, Tax-evaders, Media, KKK, Armament makers and other major industries for 20 years; threads that lead to the lobbyists (by whatever name called) who bribe, bully and bulldoze our democratically elected politicians to swear that black is white, white is black, two and two make five - and that it is perfectly OK for Donald Trump to win, based on 560 crass, cruel or base lies. Underneath the lying, prevaricating monster he depicts himself to be, they tell us, lurks a really nice man who loves his children and all Americans.

Any sane, cautious voter will take Trump at his word. At his fascist verging on Nazi statements, rather than on the naive dream that he might turn out to be a "really nice guy". 

Read this Monbiot article -  and be very afraid. Read it alongside The Rise & Fall of the Third Reich by William Shirer - and with Mein Kampf (My Struggle) by Adolf Hitler - and be utterly terrified. History is repeating itself.

The big money and aristocratic families in Germany who opened the path for Hitler in the 1930's were certain that they could use "The Little Austrian Corporal" to quieten the agitated masses, and then toss him aside. The big money in America and the Russians, assume that the same applies to Demented Donald. He was also a  joke to the ruling classes, like Hitler was. Now, Trump is already a shocking reality, enabling casino and fairground gangsters to take over the political system and spew all their bigotry and bile into the media. The media, in turn, is owned by offshore tycoons. Like peroxide-blonde Trump they pay no taxes and siphon the capital to tax-havens. "Only Little People Pay Tax". They, the 0.5%, intend to keep it that way. 

Like Adolf, Donald loves his children and his close relatives. Like Adolf, Donald is deeply paranoid and has no conscience about lying - then lying about his lies. 

He is probably insane. The masses like the simplicity of insane leaders; of men who make the trains run on time - before wrecking the entire nation in the biggest train-crashes in history, and committing suicide, when their crazed dreams unravel.  

This time, like in Germany before World War 11 - the powers behind the lobbyists have elevated the wrong man. Donald will  not do their bidding. He does not even know the rules of the game - never mind how to play by those outdated Ivy League rules.

In January 2017, as Trump takes power, he might well say to the powerful, complacent souls who own America "You mocked me. But you are not laughing now. Are You?" Which is what saboteur  BREXIT leader Nigel Farage said to the European Parliament after the UK voted to leave.

These are very dangerous times.  

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