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Huffington Post - Trump accused of bribing or bullying the FBI and the New York Police to attack Hillary and suppress investigation into Trump's treason; "which gave him the election".  

Be very afraid. Trump rises.

13 JANUARY 2017 - Three days after I had comfortably settled into my familiar ranting mode and was sounding off on my diverse topics of maximum irritation that I would correct if I were World Dictator for a year, comes Christopher Steele's report on Russian hacking of the US election and of Trump's bed-wetting problems. 

Mr Steele, 53, is a secret service agent who specialises in Moscow secrets. He was trained and worked for 25 years or so at M.I.6 (British military intelligence) and is highly regarded by US and UK agencies. He was hired in June 2016 by Republicans to investigate Trump. The brief was then passed to the Democrats when the Russian hacking and Hillary's email stories surfaced. I have no more understanding of the technical, computer hacking than does any other 70+ befuddled grandfather, who writes unsubstantiated polemic - then tweets it to the world. However, I can still grasp and evaluate a shockingly good sex scandal - particularly about the elderly, peroxide blond, groper Mr Trump, cavorting with Moscow prostitutes.  


Just one short paragraph of Mr Steele's 35 pages long spy factoids dated 30 December 2016, tells us that in 2013 Trump visited Moscow, hired the Presidential Suite at the Moscow Ritz Carlton, selected the bed that the "hated" Obama's had once slept in, hired prostitutes - and paid them to perform orgiastic perversions with him on that bed, including urinating (golden-showers) on it. The sources for this "intel" are claimed to be the person in Trump Inc who organised the travel - and senior Russian spies, charged with tracking Trump, who visited Moscow several times to discuss business opportunities (and to piss on expensive hotel beds). 

The Presidential Suite was and is known by the global community of spies to be routinely bugged by Russian spies - so recordings probably exist, which leave Trump open to blackmail. Steele assumes that Trump knew the suite was and is bugged - but what is common knowledge to spies might not occur to international, blundering, US billionaires-from-birth. 

The bulk of  Steele's report deals with the hacking allegations - which I leave to the younger digital generation to analyse. I rely on what President Bush Senior said about the Internet in its early days "Forget privacy. Privacy is dead." Trump seems not to have heard or heeded this. Steele, a quiet, anonymous, unknown person until this week, has taken his family into hiding. Sensible and sober experts say that his life is in danger; they put him in the same danger category as triple-agent Litvinenko, poisoned with a radio-active fluid.

My view of Trump's incontinence and perversions is that as a Mafia linked, hotel, casino and club owning billionaire-from-birth, he can indulge in any behaviour he likes - as long as he doesn't piss on my bed. I would not know of Trump, or follow any news of him, or read books about him - if he did not want to rule the world. I happen to live in the world and I don't think he is a fit person to run or even to influence it. 

His greatest fault, in these latest facts from the gangster gutters, is that he got caught - in this case by Russian spies; and is therefore open to blackmail. He cannot keep his mouth or his pants buttoned-up.

Trump is both incompetent and incontinent. Not presidential material. Not to be trusted with the nuclear-button. 

FAVOURITE RANTS - 10 JANUARY 2017 - It is a mad, mad world - multiple madness that most of us could put right over a few pints of beer in the local pub. Here are a few of my favourite rants.

1) Britain serially insulting the European Union and walking away from 47% of our best customers, without the faintest clue of how we will make up the lost trade. EU Quitters denying that the 17% fall in Sterling has any effect on our wealth or import costs in 2017.  10 Jan 2017 - Sterling has dropped another 1% making 18% down. We have a $100 billion deficit on trade, so it (the Brexit chaos) has now cost us $18 billion: so far. It is just the beginning.

2) Britain breaking up the United Kingdom, as Scotland votes to remain in the European Union and the rest of us slump away in a deep sulk.

One year later - Jan 2018
Demented "Genius" Donald
3) Deranged, demented, blustering, aged, peroxide Donald claiming more understanding of computer hacking than all the US security services. 10 Jan 2017 - Donald has taken to tweeting insults at Meryl Streep. He is crazy - and in 8 days he will have the Nuclear Button. Surely Congress will intervene - NOW!

4) Slippery, dippy, grinning, beer swilling, Fifth Columnist Nigel Farage - still paid $130,000 tax-free by the European Union; employers who he knifed in the back - then mocked.

5) Massive investment into driverless cars, when everyone over 18 can drive quite well. The UK has only 0.009% of car-journey accidents. Computer guided cars will hand computer companies an endless, massive income stream. Wait  for the next fatal accident.

6) Endless persistent calls by very rich politicians for increases in interest rates - to gouge more money from the poor and give it to the rich as risk-free, effort-free, extra income into their tax-haven accounts. 

7) Filthy diesel engine vehicles polluting all our cities and motorways. Hundreds of millions in China and India cannot breathe - and Oxford Street , London is "the most polluted street in the world". Go electric!. 

8) Blinding lights war waged between vehicle makers, dazzling all oncoming drivers - especially in urban areas already fully illuminated by street lights. When urban "dipped headlights" were made law in the 1960's, the lamps had a special low-light and low-beam setting. No driver can see into the black space behind a modern oncoming full-beam vehicle - so cyclists and pedestrians are invisible and vulnerable. 

9) Taxpayers still bailing out failed and continuously failing City and Wall Street banks and firms - whose executives still claw out multiple-millions per year - "rewards" for gambling with and losing Other People's Money. 

10) Green energy programs held back by fossil fuel lobbies. Solar, Wind, Wave, Tidal, Geothermal. China will beat the rest of us as leading manufacturers of alternative energy systems - while Donald passes USA laws for coal-driven-cars. 

That's a start for 2017. I'll be back.

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