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Update 12th April - FACT "That nice man Mr Hitler didn't use chemicals to kill his own people" Sean Spicer, Trump's mouthpiece.   "PS - Ooops - Excluding gassing 6 million Jews, of course." 


The USA could have responded in many different ways to Assad's evil chemical weapons attacks on his own people. But, it has taken less than 14 weeks since inauguration for President Donald the Draft Dodger to apply Hitler's tactics and go to war - using missiles against Assad's airforce; ...and threatening to attack North Korea' s nuclear bomb capability. 

Trump's PR machine and fascist KKK apologists immediately roar with triumph that his attack on Assad, a close ally of Russia, is an attack on Putin - which "proves" that Trump is not in Putin's pocket or is the "Kremlin Candidate" subject to blackmail. 

Not true. Fake-News. Horrid. Terrible. I think the attack is a ploy to deflect American prosecutors from investigating the Trump-Putin alliance to warp the election outcome and to mask Russian secret service attacks on Hillary Clinton; which might find Trump & Co. to be guilty of treason. It has done Putin no harm. Was Russia warned in advance? 

Making serial-liar Trump, suffering Narcissistic Personality Disorder, Commander-in-Chief of the most powerful armed forces in history is a grave mistake. For the world's sake, and for God's sake America, LOCK HIM UP. 


10th January 2017 


Your hero, President Trump, is demented. He is aping Hitler.
  1. Stir the angry neglected mob with false promises
  2. Fail to meet your promises – blame others
  3. Identify persons to hate – Muslims or Jews or Cripples or Women (not Saudis).
  4. Isolate your country, Re-Arm & Start a war
  5. Take Emergency powers as dictator – indulge your evil sexual perversions
  6. Abolish or kill all intellectuals & opposition to your mad ideas
  7. Herd the hated into concentration camps or drive them abroad
  8. Torture dissenters (Or, it’s amazing! Torture their children – Wow! job done!)
  9. Nuke millions of human beings, destroy culture and civilisation
  10. Kill yourself when faced with reality

John, You have assured me many times that despite his vile rhetoric Trump would become benign in power. Do  you now accept that he is demented and will risk WW3 rather than admit he is wrong? He means all the crazy things that he said and is now repeating, without Cabinet or departmental consultation. His (terrified) wife is from a part-Muslim country – is she to be deported? Along with his kids? Drumpf is a German immigrant. Will he deport himself? Congress must arrest him and put him in a secure asylum. He is completely mad. Noel


Answering your points (below) in order:

It’s because I and several million other old (and many major) users strongly and publicly objected that MSoft extended support for XP. They’ve learned that it is better business to be nice to long-term, loyal customers.

Calming down is what Chamberlain did – 50 million died.

My friend Mel hopes Trump can’t be another Hitler because of the USA checks and balances – but all he needs is an Emergency – to take emergency powers. As Hitler did. Today, despite the high-court judgement to admit visa holding visitors – the border guards are complying with Trump’s executive order to ban them. He is head of the armed forces and thugs will follow wherever he leads. The German aristocrats were certain they could control The Little Austrian Corporal, who controlled The Mob; whenever they chose. Hitler murdered many of those aristocrats and became dictator. He was also completely mad. Mobs like mad leaders – they offer certainty and revenge on the old order.

Trump is famously a bully – from childhood. Read his biographies. He is also ill with narcissistic personality disorder. He also brags that when attacked he retaliates with “15 times the force”. He is vengeful and belligerent. He attacks weak and harmless persons, like the disabled journalist he mocked, and like his very sick nephew – who died. In his private and business life he has never met a superior, wealthier opponent. 

As a billionaire playboy he has done whatever he liked, whenever he wanted. He has a gold-plated door, dyed hair, dyed skin and bleached teeth. His NY gangland tactics have worked for him since childhood. This vengeful, mentally fragile, unintelligent, aged quasi-gangster now has the most powerful weapon ever. He is challenging the Chinese, Mexicans and ISIS and probably other nations – Putin will quietly withdraw from association with this madman. When stopped and frustrated Trump's infantile narcissistic rage will be uncontrollable. It is because he is crazy that he is so dangerous. Only Congress can contain his madness. They should do it now, immediately; before Trump triggers a major catastrophe.

Only the Alt-Right and Fake-News sites think (want) the EU will break up. It is the largest, richest trading bloc ever; 60 years established. The Euro has withstood all the speculators who want to crash it. It is the 2nd most powerful and reliable free-market currency in the world. It is America that wants to kill the EU’s influence and return to world dominance. Maybe California should opt out of the American Union.

Trump is not merely “imperfect”. He is a dangerous megalomaniac who lies and shifts his ground half-day by half-day. He needs urgent medical treatment. He should not hold any power.


Now is not the time for appeasement.


From: John 


You are over reacting, remember your reaction when Microsoft stopped supporting Windows XP. And I am still using it. 

Calm down, Trump does not want war. Trump wants detente. As a business person he knows how expensive wars are and he does not owe the warmongers a war, unlike Hillary who would have taken the USA into a war to repay her backers.  

You have got that part of it upside down. 

If you want to see how EU is falling apart, start doing some research. Google will do it, just type in various things like "death of EU", "EU failing" and use your fertile (over fertile?) imagination to think of other search terms . If you can't find any articles based on the search terms then maybe the EU is OK. 

Trump is not perfect, nobody is, but don't worry about him and the button. 

Actually I think the failure of the EU and its banking system will affect us more than Trump.



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