Friday, 20 January 2017


21 Jan 2017:

Mobsters have taken the White House.

God Help America.

The usual course for failing narcissists is to start a war and take emergency powers.
As the war is lost – narcissists commit suicide rather than face reality.
Trump has the nuclear button. 4 minutes from Armageddon.
Congress must confine their deluded and demented  new leader.

Noel HODSON - Author

20th Jan 17 - Lee – this confirms our previous conversation. Trump has “the button” and can trigger nuclear war in 4 minutes:
FROM the moment Donald Trump is inaugurated on Friday, he will be accompanied constantly by a device that launches nuclear missiles within 4 minutes – widely known as “the button”. Is it safe under his finger?
Many have been worrying about that question ever since Trump first seemed likely to become president. His mercurial nature and contradictory policy statements make him an unpredictable custodian of the US nuclear arsenal.
The stakes are high. “The use of even a single nuclear weapon, anywhere in the world, would be a global humanitarian, environmental and economic disaster,” says Derek Johnson, head of anti-nuclear group Global Zero, for reasons ranging from nuclear winter to a lowered threshold for subsequent nuclear attacks.

Dear Mel et al

20 January 2017 - Today, inauguration day, I feel depressed and tired and unwell.

Do you receive these US briefings from The Center for Public Integrity? I hope these journalists can keep Trump and his assorted Cabinet thugs in check.

Thanks for your passionate essays on the perils of Demented Donald; which I agree with. The parallels with Mein Kampf & 1934 are chilling.

Trump supporters seem determined to not take Trump at his word, but, as in Orwell’s 1984, to believe the opposite, that underneath his hate and warring speeches he is a really nice man. Most “nice” men I know don’t have orgies with Russian prostitutes and piss on hotel beds. Nor do they “grab ‘em by the pussy”. Nor advocate more torture. Nor do they exact revenge at “15 times the hurt” including on terminally sick nephews. Nor do they dodge the Draft, evade taxes, evade creditors, recruit Russian election hackers or data-leakers, support KKK and round up millions of “wet-backs” for concentration camps.

Trump is correct that mob disaffection is due to unprecedented income and wealth gaps – globally. 34 million Americans on Food-Stamps, 20 million still without health-cover despite Obama Care, etc.

Davos refuses to address this possibly revolutionary threat. A handful at Davos growing richer, literally by the second, and refusing to re-invest (e.g. in green-tech, like the Chinese). Money MUST circulate to keep economies healthy. You are right - YES – if the frozen $32 trillion tax-haven-capital-flight (80M good jobs) is reinvested in the countries of origin, with re-distributive taxes, ALL national deficits and most global tensions would dissolve (Piketty). Will Trump re-distribute the wealth? Mrs May and Christine Lagarde are calling, at Davos, today, for such re-distribution. Whistling in the wind?

Brexit – All major UK players will turn to Europe. Influential grinning idiots are bankrupting the UK. Their main personal selfish motive is to escape the tightening EU and USA tax-net. Tax-haven, Low tax and Small government will make us a banana-monarchy, as we try and fail to re-negotiate about 600 trade agreements made over the past 47 years. We will be diminished and side-lined for centuries.

Boyz night-out. I’m up for it. But this morning I  am too gloomy to agree dates or an agenda. If Donald does not trigger WW3 this weekend – let’s pick up the Boyz-nite arrangements on Monday.

In God We Trust (or do we?)


Noel HODSON - Author


From: Center for Public Integrity []
Sent: 19 January 2017 20:05
Subject: Change in administration brings new challenges

New challenges lie ahead.

For journalists, a change in administration presents new challenges.
John DunbarGiven the controversy surrounding the President-elect Donald Trump’s Cabinet nominees, it’s clear that credible investigative reporting will be necessary now more than ever.

Leading up to this week’s inauguration, we tracked the candidates, political committees and nonprofits that made this presidential election the most expensive in history. In late December, we were the first to report that Donald Trump’s sons were behind a nonprofit selling access to the President-elect during inauguration activities in exchange for hundreds of thousands of dollars in contributions. The trumped-up fundraiser with the pending first family imploded.
Earlier in the fall, our Carbon Wars project featured new analysis about America’s super polluters. Where most states have one super polluter, our team identified four in Vice President-elect Mike Pence’s home state of Indiana. Since the election in November, climate-change skeptics have mocked respected scientists. Trump transition team members are threatening the landmark Paris climate accord and President Barack Obama’s Clean Power Plan.

In addition, a plan to significantly increase the defense budget means that more money will flow to services and contractors that support them. It will be critically important to know who’s getting these contracts and what America is getting in return.

We’ll need to keep up the pace on filing FOIA suits to ensure that the Center remains, according to the FOIA Project, “a notable pioneer in creating and sustaining a new model for the delivery of investigative reporting.” The country, indeed the world, will need the Center’s highly experienced reporters, data journalists, and digital experts.

We look forward to serving democracy by revealing abuses of power, corruption and betrayal of public trust by powerful public and private institutions using the tools of investigative journalism.

Thank you,
John Dunbar, CEO

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