Thursday, 26 January 2017


I have been puzzled for a few years about otherwise intelligent doomsayers predicting and actively promoting the collapse of The European Union (EU) and of the Euro currency. Numbers of pundits have desperately tried to start a run on the Euro. Many millionaires have hacked away, via the media and The Markets, at the cohesion of the 28 Member States, with 550 million people; the biggest, wealthiest, most sophisticated market ever formed. 

There were obvious, high-profile nutters, such as City millionaire, deeply disturbed drunk Nigel Farage - and several obvious hedge-fund gamblers who are shorting (selling in advance) the Euro, who want it to collapse. There are the usual offshore tax-free, non-dom suspects such as The Barclay Twins (Telegraph) and Nazi lover Lord Rothermere (Daily Mail) and soft-porn king Richard Desmond (Daily Express) and of course stateless Murdoch (News Corp, The Times and Sky) - who all have obvious motives for sowing chaos among strong organisations that might one-day tax them. 

Euro could collapse says man tipped to be US EU ambassador | Daily ...
22 hours ago - The euro 'could collapse within 18 months', says the man tipped to ... Trump's ambassador to the EU predicted the euro 'could collapse' ... and attended an interview with the President's team at Trump Tower earlier this month.

And, because of my oldest profession, forty years as a tax-planner and adviser, I supposed that it was the tax-evaders, with $32 trillion stashed away in dodgy tax-havens, who were behind the endlessly tedious and persistent sly gossip and rumours - trying to destabilise the 67 year old cooperative in Europe.

Farage - we now know - has partly succeeded. On his say-so alone (his fascist "party" UKIP has only one MP in Britain), the UK, the world's 7th largest economy and a founder member of the EU, which has forged more than 600 trade-agreements via the EU bureaucrats, is currently going through the pantomime of Brexit. 

This vote by The People was engineered by trust-fund-babe David Cameron - whose inherited wealth is in tax-havens - and who therefore also has a vested interest in small, weak, feeble government - that cannot tax him and his offshore pals. So, the UK is wasting immense resources that should be devoted to doing future business, in tearing up 50 years of treaties and deals - and setting out to remake them all. It has already cost the UK citizens $100 billion - and we are not yet at the Brexit starting gate. It will bankrupt this sad, lonely, ageing can't-do island nation.  

Tax evading is a major motive, a $32 trillion motive, for disempowering and neutralising all governments - but I now realise there is a larger motive. 

Since Trump arose from his Atlantic City graveyard of failed plastic casinos and was anointed POTUS (...Pesident of ...etc ) and started attacking trade deals - it is clear that the only force large enough to reassert sanity on the waves of insanity and lies emanating from The White House, is the European Union. The 550 Million EU citizens can outgun the USA commercially and globally impose sensible trade terms.   

Trump and Farage and co-conspirators are determined to sabotage intelligent cooperation and to destroy all semblance of civilised government. Trump was raised in the world of New York gangsters. Gangsters like chaos and abhor rules. It also suits Putin to weaken the rest of Europe - but he still needs us to buy his gas & oil.

Trump wants freedom from all rules. He was raised as a billionaire spoilt brat and that is how he will stay. He is delivering the unbelievably awful things he said he would - that his apologists hoped "he didn't really mean and will change in office". He meant all those mean and evil things. 

The last strong beacon of ethics, social rules and intelligent power, after Trump destroys America, is the EU. The Rulers of the Universe want to demolish it. If that means war, pestilence and  starvation - what the hell, we'll still be the richest guys on Earth. Europe challenges America's power as the supreme commercial engine. It offers  a sane alternative, with sensible rules, that protects ordinary people. Trump is a symbol of the class of people who believe they are extraordinary and above all rules. So dismantle Europe.  

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