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UK is exempt from free-movement of people. (Schengen area).
BREXIT campaign lied about it. 
The most powerful elite lobby-group driving Brexit is comprised of wealthy tax-evaders. These super-rich, shadowy VIPs hiding assets, tax-free, in tax-havens have become a virtual-nation, a nation which exists in the bureaucratic gaps between physical geographic countries. They are citizens of the world who pretend to be citizens of the cities and regions we ordinary, "not-smart" tax-payers inhabit and keep trim and tidy for them. If they could arrange residency on a five-star-space-satellite, far away from the hoi-polloi, distanced from the grubby tax-paying masses, they would do so. Unfortunately they too have to shelter, eat, sleep and shit, and get medical care, education and security, on Earth, like the rest of us. But they refuse to pay for anything that others might also use - such as roads and bridges and armed forces.

These trans-border people have funded Farage and the Brexit campaign of persistent, intensive deliberate lies, for decades. They have paid for hundreds of media hours on mainstream TV Radio and in Print for UKIP (United Kingdom Independence Party)- which has no Members of Parliament - and they have embedded bullying enforcers in key political and commercial strategic positions to insist that Brexit means Brexit means Brexit; scrabbling in panic to get the UK out of Europe at any price - whatever harm it is increasingly and obviously doing to the nation. Why?

Why destroy the UK's economy, union and future? We are already 17% poorer because Sterling, our nation's share price, has slumped. City of London institutions are quitting and setting up in Europe - most notably the 300 year old insurers, Lloyds of London; and most City banks. All major financial services will defect. Ask finance expert Philip John May, Theresa May's husband, at his offshore $1.4 trillion Capital Group which shelters tax-evaders. Philip will know what The City is losing. He might even tell his wife.

Within two years, The City will be a hollowed out shell. All major manufacturers will relocate to Europe, to retain access to the remaining 27 member states and their 450 million consumers. It is the largest, richest, most educated, most stable market the world has ever seen - established for 40 years. Britain, once Great Britain, is turning its back on 47% of our near neighbours and biggest export customers. We are "Doing a Ratner". Manufacturers who stay will demand deals like Toyota - where HM Government and the passive, bewildered "not-smart" taxpayers, pay for any tariffs. WTO Tariffs range from 2% to 15% in extra costs, which can be over 105% on some US trade. Major economies - USA, China, India, Japan, Middle-East, South America, Canada, Australia etc. might make sympathetic noises of nostalgia and loyalty. Trade with the Falkland Islands will be tariff free; but business-is-business, the big-boys will by-pass Britain and deal with Europe - on terms set by the United States of Europe. "United States" works for The United States of America, what's so threatening to our VIPs and media about Europe? We will have to comply with the European terms. 

It will cost us dearly - and bankrupt the UK - so why the rush to quit?

It is because they, the European Union (politicians), in sinister collusion with the European Commission (bureaucrats),  threaten to close the world's 74 tax-havens. Britain is very protective of its tax-havens. We invented them to enable aristocrats, making immense, vast fortunes from sugar-cane, slave-labour and slave-trading, Dark Satanic cotton mills, and sending children down deadly coal-mines for 60 hours a week, to evade tax. Only little people pay tax. "Smart" Donald Trump tells us he doesn't pay tax; a new aristocrat perhaps? 

The highly efficient, intelligent folk in Europe, are slowly and carefully drawing tight the net that will catch tax-evaders. German Greens MEP, Sven Geigold, on the EU tax-team, reports that the UK persistently VETOS all attempts to move on tax-havens. The Tax Justice Network report that Europe is however, moving to limit tax-havens. Alex Cobham has recently reviewed the issue in Politico. These courageous investigators and activists have been casting their nets for a decade or so - don't say you had no warning - and now The End is Nigh. Why should England tremble?

We tremble because many of our top people use tax-havens. All our media barons are either Non-Doms (very complicated evasion, pretending to be a foreigner, with a grave-plot abroad) trade or are paid via tax-havens; they simply don't pay tax. From industrialists to sports-stars to celebrities to City-folk to ordinary executives, to lawyers, accountants, top-tax-collectors (yes - our high-paid tax authorities go offshore) and, of course, all our high-earning politicians, drug dealers and car dealers, IT Consultants, film makers, etc etc - do not pay tax. They use tax-havens. They have hidden not less than £2.5 trillion of UK money in tax-havens. That's equivalent to 8 million managers jobs for 10 years. It is three times the entire UK annual Budget. It is a huge amount of money; set aside - dormant, doing nothing, depriving the nation of capital and income; used from time to time, to buy the account holders pink-gins when they go abroad. (The USA is out of pocket by about $15 trillion buried in tax-havens - the US fiscal deficit - Piketty)

They tremble more and are now panicking because a few rare but recent UK "back-duty-tax-cases" have ruled that the bookkeeping fiddles, or straight-forward money smuggling, they use to siphon assets away, tax-free, are illegal. Not lawful. Criminal. 

For decades, the BBC and most other media, occasionally reporting tax dodgers have added the comforting caveat "tax-avoidance - which is of course strictly legal". It wasn't and isn't legal. It is fiddling the books. It is usually fraud, or fraudulent-conspiracy. It is what put Al Capone in jail. It is tax-evasion and money laundering. Ask - who signed the tax-returns and Balance-Sheets - who transferred the money? They are in the front line if and when the taxman knocks on the door. Our VIPs are so nervous, they, starting with David Cameron, who called the Referendum, who is a Trust-Fund Babe whose wealth is in Caribbean tax-havens, have engineered to get away from European law - as fast and as far as possible. It matters not a jot if in the process the nation goes bankrupt - they are millionaires and billionaires, they will not suffer or even notice the national Depression. But they must not, ever, pay tax. "Only little people pay tax". So lets Brexit. We must Brexit - and to hell with the consequences. 

In fact - as any City or Wall Street trader will attest - chaos and change are good for business opportunities. Starving, unemployed masses have to do what they are told - and if you are quick - you can steal their homes and evict them onto the streets - at the expense of taxpayers. 

3rd April 2017 - Dutch publish 55,000 Credit Suisse tax-evaders names and confiscate millions in assets from Swiss bank accounts and deposit boxes. HMRC said it has launched criminal enquiries. France investigates "...aggravated money laundering and financial fraud" 340 Australians identified. Tax Justice Network says Credit Suisse "was effectively a global criminal enterprise". 

These 55,000 accounts are the tip of an enormous iceberg of frozen offshore assets - globally totalling $32 trillion (= 80 million manager level jobs for 10 years). 

 Be Smart - pay no tax. Read More:



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