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D E F R A - UK

"Here you can view the detailed data behind the latest measurement summary displayed on UK-AIR, and also a summary of information that has been displayed over the previous 24 hours. The detailed data tabulated below are from monitoring sites within the AURN. Graphs of hourly monitoring data are also available to view as weekly time series. You can also subscribe to this information as an email alert."

5 MAY 2017 - All DEFRA measured districts have low levels of pollution. I suspect that the brisk winds from the north-east, sweeping the UK, are clearing traffic exhaust pollution. 

However, anecdotal evidence indicates high levels of asthma. This could be due to pollen.

Clean street level air policy announcements are expected later today. (watch this space)

EU Monitoring of CO2 emissions from passenger cars – Regulation 443/2009

The Regulation (EC) No 443/2009 requires Member States to record information for each new passenger car registered in its territory. Every year, each Member State shall submit to the Commission all the information related to their new registrations. In particular, the following details are required for each new passenger car registered: manufacturer name, type approval number, type, variant, version, make and commercial name, specific emissions of CO2, mass of the vehicle, wheel base, track width, engine capacity, fuel type and fuel mode. Additional information, such as engine power, were also submitted. Data for EU-28 are reported in the main database.

Read New Scientist 6 May 2017 "Cutting through the smog" by Nic Fleming

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