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26 June 2017 - ANOTHER SERIOUS WARNING in my latest letter to The Guardian:

Jonathan Freedland does not go far enough in his article, Can Brexit be stopped? The answer is in our hands – Guardian 24th June 2017. We do not have to proceed to commit economic and political suicide, urged on by obsessed Serial-Liar-Farage, adopted by autistic Tight-Lipped-Theresa, Boris-the-Clown, Et-Tu-Gove, Head-Boy-Rees-Mogg, Corbyn-the-Sly, and a bunch of IQ challenged red-necked, tax evading, octogenarian Colonel Blimps. The-People-Who-Have-Spoken haven’t the faintest clue of the complex dire consequences. Re-negotiating will absorb all our political resources for 10 to 20 years. Devaluation has cost us £20 billion per year. The EU will snatch The City’s trillions of transactions (£70 billion p.a. in tax). All global players will circumvent us to deal with the EU. We will lose Scotland and Ireland. Our migrant-labour industries will go bust. There will be 15 mile freight queues at all sea & air ports. Brexit will bankrupt Britain. We do NOT have do it. It is not a game. We can STOP BREXIT - and reform the EU from inside. Grow-up! Stop now, today.

Noel Hodson - Director
Tax Reconciliations, Oxford UK,
Tel +44 1865 (0)760994 Mobile 07713 681216

(NB - Why Corbyn the Sly? Because, while I admire his surprising sterling performance and sensible ideas expressed in the run up to this Election; at the July 2106 Referendum Jeremy Corbyn did slyly damn Remainers with faint praise, letting in the Quitters. He is a long-time committed Leaver, and he voted with the Tories on triggering Article 50 to leave the EU, which Labour could have stopped. Like all the politicians and media, he refuses to acknowledge and colludes with gagging the 16.8 million, the 48%, who voted REMAIN. He is now slyly "sitting on the fence" about Hard or Soft Brexit, refusing to face the destructive realities of quitting the Customs Union and The Single Market. In this Hung-Parliament, The Labour Party, which Corbyn leads - could ally with all the other minority parties, against the Tories, and stop Brexit now. The EU leaders are saying they would welcome the UK back with open arms. We do NOT have to proceed with this crazy self-destruction; scrapping 60 years of careful building of the UK's relationship with the other 27 Members and insulting 47% of our best customers.  This sly, querulous old man, 50 years a naysayer, this back-room-lawyer turned celebrity leader - could and should STOP BREXIT.) 

WHO WON THE ELECTION?  13TH JUNE 2017 -  I agree with Polly Toynbee (Corbyn has rescued Britain from the chains of austerity. This is his moment – Guardian 13 June) where she writes “opinion polls may now be regarded as no better than political
astrology”. But I question her reasoning. Pollsters ignore a new force in politics. We, and most of our Remain friends, among the totally ignored 16.8 million 48% Remainers, along with the youth vote, did as Gina Miller, of Best for Britain, urged and voted tactically – not for Corbyn, not against May, not for the DUP – but against Brexit. Reality is dawning on the Quitters; this morning with The City losing more billions per day of Euros of business to the EU. Another election will bring the same tactical voting result. Britain does not want to be bankrupted by leaping off the White Cliffs of Dover with the ideological ill-informed Brexit lemmings. Gina Miller won the election. STOP SUICIDE BY BREXIT.

Noel HODSON - Author
Sci-Fi & Socio-Economics

9 JUNE 2017 - THE UK RESULTS ARE IN. It is a Hung Parliament. Mrs May has lost her big gamble. "They" will all have to cooperate, until the next uncivilised, back-stabbing, sour, stupid-soundbite, time-wasting election. Dear God - we are bored and weary with banal political posturing - and tedious, endless, meaningless, idiotic gabbling. They could and should say what they mean to say in a fraction of the words and time. And we would get more progress. 

In the meantime - what to do about BREXIT? 

Form a negotiating team of 27 experts, representing ALL the UK parties. 27 to match the 27 EU heads of state. Include eighteen year olds. Publish the targets and process - because the public have a right to comment on this nation's future. Tight-Lipped-Theresa will have to grow-up and discuss things. Barrack-room lawyer Corbyn will have to grow-up and risk stating positive ideas that others might criticise and snipe at; as he has for 50 years.

Send the fascist, EU insulting, obsessed Nigel Farage, to Trump Towers, to join the sweaty-handed incontinent, serial liar Demented Donald, to work for the break-up of the United States of America. THE DISUNITED STATES. It will be Donald's and Nigel's revenge on The Establishment - before they are found secure and safe lifetime beds in a suitable mental-hospital. "Mr Comey! Ya don'ta showa me no respect. You is terminated" 

(PS - URGENT - do take Donald's nuclear codes away, before he presses buttons, imagining he is tweeting. Put him in a fake White House with a huge TV screen). 

Jeremy Corbyn
Labour Party Leader
Slyly nudged the Labour BREXIT
Campaign to lose it. Has built a
600,000 popular following.

In power: Could revert to communism.

Theresa May
Tory Party Leader
Reverses her policies daily.
Would scrap Human Rights Laws.
Husband – Exec in $1.2 trillion
offshore tax-shelter fund.

Back in power: Hard BREXIT that will

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