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A worker cleans a solar panel on top 
of a factory building in Baoding City. 
China is installing a soccer field's worth of solar 
panels every hour.
Photograph by Sean Gallagher, National Geographic Creative 


“The installation rates are absolutely mind-blowing,” says Lauri Myllyvirta, an energy and air pollution expert at Greenpeace in Beijing. China added 35 gigawatts of new solar generation in 2016 alone. “That’s almost equal to Germany’s total capacity, just in one year,” Myllyvirta says.
Every hour, China erects another wind turbine and installs enough solar panels to cover a soccer field, according to Greenpeace estimates.


WE ALL LOVE DONALD.  2ND June 2017. 

Trump’s attempted sabotage of the Paris Accord illustrates what a short-sighted bad businessman he is. The world is rapidly converting to renewable energy. There is no attempt to block USA growth by reducing fossil-fuels. That is paranoid talk from Demented Donald and Big-Oil. To rescue the Rust-Belt, Trump should pump-prime massive new green industries that will compete with China and others on renewables. Is it that America can’t compete? Instead of being a Luddite clown, he should convert all his Trump-buildings to green energy.  Like this Cotswold village:

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Many new housing developments will be self-sufficient in energy – green energy – even in the UK. Solar panels now work well under cloud. Wind energy is very efficient and competitive. We have infinite amounts of wave & tide energy.

Three Reasons to Believe in China's Renewable Energy Boom
12 May 2017 - It has atrocious air pollution. It fears climate change. And it wants to be a "manufacturing monster" in renewables too.

From 2005 to 2014, production of solar cells in China has expanded 100-fold. As Chinese renewable manufacturing has grown, the costs of renewable energy technologies have dropped dramatically. Innovation has helped, but the main driver of reduced costs has been market expansion.[4] In 2015 China became the world's largest producer of photovoltaic power, with 43 GW of total installed capacity.[5][6] Sources from Mr. Perez states that the renewable energy and emissions from China as the new world leader of the Paris Climate Accord will reduce their emissions sooner than the year 2030

It is a brave new world. Think it through.


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Well, the opposite view of USA withdrawing from the Paris agreement is that it is the only way to make America great again.

Look at China saying they will take up green policies "in the long term". Yes after the West's industries have been killed off by "climate" policies, you can see China's game a mile off.

And it goes on .......



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