Tuesday, 25 July 2017


Did Liam Fox or David Davis set these wild-fires in southern France to support their extreme BREXIT campaign? A warning to get out of Europe. Or perhaps the fires were started by Prime Minister Theresa May and husband Philip, who slipped across the border from Switzerland, from their walking holiday, where they are spending more time with their tax-free money. 

Or - is it new terrifying evidence of Global Warming? Will we all burn in hell?

Probably none of the above. Check the years on these 3 Google searches:

www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-33687962 28 Jul 2015 Around 10000 tourists are 
evacuated from three campsites in the Var region of Provence in the face of wildfires made 
worse by hot winds.

Wildfire under control, say firefighters - The Connexion


16 Jul 2017Home · French newsWildfire under control, say firefighters ... destroyed 750 hectares of land near Saint Cannat, not far from Aix-en-Provence.

Thousands Evacuated as Several Fires Blaze Across ... - NBC News


10 Aug 2016... town of Vitrolles to escape one of several wildfires across southern France. ... Marseille Provence Airport was closed for a period, but it had ...

There is nothing new under the sun.  But is the current Italian drought a new phenomena? Is the European Union turning into a parched desert that Britain will do well to leave ...in the lurch. We, in the UK, have plenty of fresh, cool water. "Ya Wanna deal?" 

Rome hit by water rationing as Italy struggles with drought - BBC News


19 hours ago - Almost two-thirds of Italy's farmland has been hit by a prolonged drought, costingItalian agriculture some €2bn ($2.3bn; £1.8bn), farmers say.

Rome facing water rationing as Italy suffers driest spring for 60 years ...


1 day ago - Rome facing water rationing as Italy suffers driest spring for 60 years ... Italy is gripped bydrought as the summer heat continues with no sign of ...
A crisis? Well not really. The media has rung the hysterical alarm bells and cried wolf - or FIRE - many times in the past few hundred years. 

Historic fire frequency, 1650 to 1850 – Wildfire Today


4 Jun 2015 - The map (click on it to see a larger version) represents the estimated wildfire frequency for the period 1650-1850, according to research

But - the major difference since 1650 is that the human population has increased from 500 million to today's 7,000 million, a fourteen fold increase. We humans live everywhere. We build homes in known fire-risk areas. Could it be that we are causing an increase in fires; and causing an increase in the ambient air temperatures? For example the +47 degrees centigrade recorded in February this year in Australia. Are we hell bent on setting the world alight in hellish fires, to make ourselves extinct? After all , as many of us complain, "I never asked to be born". Will we burn in the wild fires or drown as the icecaps melt? Doom, doom, doom.  

Have a nice ultimate summer.

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